When you will visit the showroom of Kitchen Classics in Melbourne, our professional and friendly staff member will help you in choosing the best services for designing your dream kitchen. They will acknowledge you about the plethora of colour schemes and finishing that are available in our showroom for the bench tops, doors and other kitchen accessories and appliance.

To make it convenient for you, our knowledgeable host will provide you step by step solution so you don’t get confuse with the things. After making you familiar with the basic things, we will arrange consultation session in which we will tell you about the various in-home kitchen designs. All the designs offered by us are unique and are designed by the highly skilled and professional kitchen designers of the industry.

Our kitchen expert will visit your home to examine the space where you want us to create your dream kitchen. He will analyse it properly. It will help us in deciding, which design will be perfect for your kitchen, and at the same time fulfil your expectations and desires.

After this our techno-friendly team will make the initial drawing of the whole design which will be implemented for designing your kitchen. Everything including the colour of platforms, shelves, cabinet designs, elevations etc will be featured in the 3 dimensional digital designs which will conceptualise the whole concept for the creation of your dream kitchen. The best thing is that we apply no obligation or additional charges for the consultation, quote and initial design. We also make vanity, robes, wall units, laundry, and working tables.

Our design will take all the relevant measurements of appliance which you have chosen for your kitchen once the order is placed by you. In this step, our technical department will offer you full assistance. Apart from kitchen design, other services provided by Kitchen Classics are as follows:

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If you are after a personal one to one service and A Free Onsite Measure
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